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Realistic HTX-202 2m HT. 16 channels total (12 regular, 3 priority, 1 call). CTCSS on tx/rx. DTMF encode, "dialer" memories. 6W out max. Includes extra capacity NiCd battery (unknown state), 6xAA battery pack, factory battery charger. Factory rubber duck antenna. The radio CANNOT be modified to receive outside the 2 m amateur band (144-148 MHz) but the tradeoff is superior intermod rejection.


Yaesu FT50RD 2m/70cm HT. 112 channels total (100 regular, 10 scan edges, 2 call). Receives ~76-900 MHz AM/FM/WFM. CTCSS, DCS, DTMF encode/decode. DTMF "dialer" memories. Automatic Range Transponder System. Includes NC-60B battery charger (15 V dc/200 mA), FNB-41 battery (9.6 V dc/600 mAh - unknown state), RH-1(B) protector (NIB), mic/earphone adapter. Factory rubber duck antenna.

BONUS: BNC(f)-SMA(m) adapter, SO239-SMA(m) adapter!


Motorola APCOR (Model No. P44ESB3191AN). Well-used. Full duplex with telephone-style handset. Covers all 10 Med channels. PL 4A (141.3 Hz). Unit is also a repeater. Includes patch cord for Physio-Control LifePak 5 (and other models) should you wish to transmit your EKG to a base hospital.

BONUS: Battery charging unit (from looking at eBay, may be P/N SP581988106).

Full disclosure: No battery is included; unit was sold to me on the promise that it works but I've never tested it. No cable for charger, either. One bolt from battery compartment missing. Excellent piece of 1970s/1980s nostalgia!


Uniden Bearcat BC200XLT. Good condition. 200 channels; 29-54 MHz NFM, 118-136 MHz AM, 136-174 MHz NFM, 406-512 MHz NFM, 806-956 MHz NFM (less cellular, of course). Battery was replaced a few years ago and is not as good as when new, but does hold charge. Date code OCHH. Includes Uniden Factory Service Manual!

Image - Close-up

BONUS: AD-140U Charger (12 VDC, 500 ma) included.


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