I do many things to stay sane. I've been an Amateur Radio operator since 1991, so when I was an undergrad, I used to spend a fair amount of time doing stuff with the Amateur Radio Club of the U of A, including creating and maintaining their WWW page, creating and running the W5YM-L mailing list and editing and publishing Razorback Radio News.

SAREX Logo Here's an audio clip of our club's Amateur Radio Station (with me at the mic) contacting the space shuttle via ham radio. Later, I organized a SAREX (Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment) contact at a local school.

As if that wasn't enough radio stuff, I'm into scanning. The radio kind, not the image kind. From 1991 until 1996, I wrote a column for the now-defunct Radio Communications Monitoring Association's magazine Scanner Journal. In fact, some might even say I helped to kill the RCMA by starting SCAN-L, the first email list devoted to the hobby of scanning back in 1995.

I like most things to do with railroads. Jeanette and I used to drive out to the western edge of Arkansas to watch the Kansas City Southern or over to Tulsa or Claremore, Oklahoma to watch the Burly Fe or "Uncle Pete".

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