I like large vehicles that use flanged steel wheels on a fixed guideway: yes, I like trains. Imagine my surprise when I found a list that I compiled referenced on the net (it's from 1992 and is badly out of date!). Here's where I watched trains when I was younger (and when I go back to visit). Thanks, Chris!!

Jeanette and I used to drive out to the western edge of Arkansas to watch the Kansas City Southern or over to Tulsa or Claremore, Oklahoma to watch the Burly Fe or "Uncle Pete". Then we moved to in Norman, Oklahoma, where the BN & SF Ry runs right through town, so I didn't have to go as far to see trains. Passenger service started about 6 weeks after I left town ... naturally. Here's a little Railfan Guide to Norman, Oklahoma that I put together.

Both of these photos were taken by me on a 1989 BSRA fan trip of the MBTA Green Line and are shown on non-revenue trackage at Cleveland Circle. This is a Boston Elevated Ry "Type 5" car 5734 (with a Kinki-Shayro "Type 7" behind). This is MTA 3295, a PCC.

There is even a railroad newsgroup. Well, there was, but them some idiots decided to cut it up into a zillion tiny groups along the lines of misc.transportation.rail.trains.56inchguage.diesel-electric.stupid.stupid.stupid. You know, so it's more organized. I voted against. You can look it up.

I'm still interested in Montréal area rail operations, particulary passenger. I'm on the Montrain list. I visited in 1996 and rode the newly refurbished Deux-Montagnes line, where 70+ year old electric locomotives were replaced by modern, sleek, air-conditioned, multiple-unit trains. Very nice.

I am a member of the National Association of Railroad Passengers and the Midwest High Speed Rail Association.

Railroad Emergency Numbers
Ownership of the Northeast Corridor
List of North American, Main-line Railroad Electrifications
1981 Montréal Transit Plan
Major League ball parks with passenger rail service

Documents related to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation

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