Northeast Corridor Ownership

Limits Owner Mileage
Main stem of NEC (Boston - Washington)
South Station (Boston) to Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Line Commonwealth of Massachusetts 37.7
Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Line - New Haven, Conn.[1] Amtrak 118.3
New Haven, Conn. - New York State Line CDOT 46.6
New York State Line - CP "SHELL"[2] Metro-North Railroad 9.8
CP "SHELL" - Pennsylvania Station (New York City) Amtrak 18.7
Pennsylvania Station (New York City) - Washington Union Station Amtrak 221?
  Amtrak total: 358
Other total: 94.1
Richmond "extension"
Washington Union Station - CP "VIRGINIA" Amtrak 1.2
CP "VIRGINIA" - Main St Station (Richmond) CSXT 115.3
Empire Corridor
Penn Station (New York City) - MP 10.7 (north of Spuyten Duyvil Movable Bridge) Amtrak ?
MP 10.7 - MP 75.8 (just north of Poughkeepsie) Metro-North Railroad 65.1
MP 75.8 - CP "124" (Track 1) and CP "125" (Track 2) CSXT 49?
CP "124" (MP 123.86, Track 1) and CP "125" (MP 125.67, Track 2) - CP "169" (MP 169.9) Amtrak 45
Keystone Corridor
30th St Station (Philadelphia) - Harrisburg Amtrak 104.2


[0] - Apparently, the official definition of the "Northeast Corridor" has been expanded to include the Keystone Corridor (Philadelphia - Harrisburg, Penna) and the Empire Corridor (NY Penn to Rensselaer, NY). Most folks still think of it as "Boston - Washington", although even Amtrak's timetables have listed the south (timetable west) end as Richmond for some time.

[1] - Actually MP 72.1 which is where the Amtrak-owned Springfield line joins the NEC

[2] - CP SHELL is the interlocking near New Rochelle, NY where Metro-North's line to GCT diverges from what is known as the NEC

[3] - Note that the 1995 GAO on NEC capital needs. (GAO/RCED-95-151BR) defines ownership as only from Boston to Washington, Philadelphia to Harrisburg, and New Haven to Springfield. They do note that the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976 (4R Act that created Conrail) inlcudes those segments, plus the Empire Corridor and the Atlantic City line from Philadelphia.

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