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All information is presented Free of charge!
Please note that contrary to what the Cellular Telecommunications Industry would have you believe, scanner enthusiasts are not criminals! The industry would like you to believe this in order to help gloss over the fact that cellular radio telephones can be monitored with off-the-shelf radio receivers. The analog cellular radio telephone system has no security precautions whatsoever.
FAQ Files SCAN-L List FAQ: Accept no substitutes! Your independent source of up to the minute scanner info. Please read the FAQ before subscribing.
Bob Parnass' Introduction to Scanning
Many more radio FAQs - courtesy
Cellular Radio Telephone (commonly known as "cellphones") Privacy FAQ - Harold G. Peach, Jr
Government Frequency Databases Canada: Industry Canada, Spectrum Management Branch
United States: FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Land Mobile Branch
Law Canada: Radiocommunications Act
United States: ECPA, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. - courtesy EFF
United Kingdom: "RA 169" - courtesy Britain's Radiocommunicatons Agency
Weather Radio Environment Canada's Weatheradio
USA's NOAA Weather Radio, the Voice of the National Weather Service
I don't usually have free commercial links, but Gene Hughes and Police Call have done a lot for the hobby (and for RCMA) over the years.

Radio Scanning Resources

These resources are all in varying stages of obsolescence. They were, in their prime, the first such pages for each of the areas mentioned ... Oklahoma | Norman Area
Arkansas | NW Arkansas
Île de / Island of Montréal
I trust you're mature enough to respect our Public Safety folks and not go chasing after them - their job is hard enough.

From Classics to Cutting Edge ...

Fire Alarm Telegraph Systems
Long before radios, buffs would hang out firehouses that were convenient to streetcar lines. The boxes would come in on the tapper and they'd just hop on the next trolley ...
Trunked Radio Information

A collection of articles from a variety of sources regarding Trunked Radio Systems. These are articles that I have collected over the years in response to the question "What is trunking?" The level of complexity varies. I have trimmed the Usenet headers except in the case of Brian Kantor's compilation. NOTE: All I know about trunked radio systems comes from these articles and other postings and articles that I have read. I am not a trunking expert or consultant, though maybe I wish I were ... Also, these documents are not official Motorola documents (unless otherwise noted).


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