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NOTICE: As of July 1996, I am no longer an Arkansas resident. Therefore, this page is no longer being updated (much).
NOTICE: It is not illegal to listen to your public servants at work. It is illegal to repeat or profit from what you hear. Listen to your public servants from the comfort and safety of your own home! Do not go chasing after them -- the last thing they need is a scanner-toting yahoo interfering with their duties. These frequencies are available from publicly available sources. They are not secret.
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Washington County

Washington County Firecom

Firecom dispatches all fire departments in Washington County except Johnson, Tontitown, Springdale (all dispatched by Springdale), and Fayetteville (self dispatched). They are based at CEMS (S School and W 6th St) in Fayetteville and are a secondary PSAP in the Washington Co E9-1-1 system. VFDs are toned out on the main channel. Dispatches are no longer transmitted on a Common Carrier alpha-numeric digital pager as they were in the early '90s. Local channels are mostly quiet.

Local Frequencies for Volunteer Fire Departments
154.1450Boston Mountain FD  
154.2350Farmington FD  
154.4000Goshen FD  
453.8500RJohnson FDdispatched by Springdale FD
154.3250 Nob Hill FD Channel 2
453.8500RTontitown FD dispatched by Springdale FD
154.3100Wedington Area FPA  
154.0250West Fork FDcan be simulcast with 154.3550
154.1750Wheeler FD  
154.2800Goshen, Nob Hill, West Fork FDFireground?

Possible new frequencies for the area: 154.0100, 453.0250, 453.1750 - Nob Hill; 154.2350, 453.0250 - Lincoln; 154.4150, 460.6000 - W Fork; 453.0750 - Prairie Grove.

Fayetteville Fire Department

Radio test 0830. "High Band" radio test 0830 Fridays.

Trunked System - 860.2375, 859.2375, 858.2375, 857.2375, 856.2375. Most traffic is on "A" which is simulcast on VHF. "B" is not. "6TA" is 854.2125. All mobile units are 45 MHz lower. FFD also covers Greenland and Drake Field.

Station Address Apparatus
1 303 W Center St
(at Locust Ave)
Task Force 1: Engine 1, Truck 1
Battalion 1
Rescue 1
Brush 1
Air Service 1
Task Force 11: Engine 11, Truck 11 - Reserve, inclement weather
2 730? N Garland Ave
(at W Eagle St)
Engine 2
HazMat 2
3 Drake Field
(Airport station - S School St)
Engine 3
Note: this station now responds to off-airport alarms since Drake Field no longer has scheduled airline service
4 3325 N Plainview Ave
(formerly at 1020 E Harold St)
Task Force 4: Engine 4, Truck 4
5 Crossover Rd
(at Hyland Park)
Engine 5
6 900 S Hollywood Ave Engine 6 + reserves

Engines 1 and 5 are 1995 and 1996 KMEs. Engine 2 is a 1998 KME. Engine 4 is a 1985 Pierce. Engine 11 is a 1994 Pierce (image is from when it was Engine 2). HazMat 2 is 1997 Ford Club Cab 1 ton with a box bed. Rescue 1 is a 1992 _______. Truck 1 is a 1989 E-One Quint (85' Aerial, 1750 GPM pump, 300 gal tank). Truck 4 is a 1992 Pierce Lance (65' Tele Squrt, 1750 GPM, 500 gal tank). Truck 11 is a 1974 Squrt. Air Service 1 is a joint effort between FFD and the county and responds county-wide. Brush 1 is a 1976 International Harvester pickup with a skid-mounted pump. ARFF3 (1998 E-1), ARFF33 (1986 OshKosh P9), are CFR trucks at FYV.

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Springdale Fire Department

Radio test 0810

SFD provides Paramedic ambulance service to Springdale and northern Washington Co.

Station Address Apparatus
1 303 S Holcombe St Truck 1 (a quint), Battalion 1, Rescues 1 & 2, STAT 1, Squads 1, 2, & 3 (reserve)
Note: station was extensively rebuilt recently and now has 5 or 6 pull-through bays and a 3 bay shop building.
2 1207 Dyer St Engine 2, Squad 7 (reserve)
3 403 Sanders Ave Engine 3
4 3420 Elm Springs Rd Engine 4, NWA Haz Mat 1, Engine 7
5 1776 E Robinson Ave Engine 5, Squad 5
6 S 48th Street Engine 6

Note: these images were taken in about 1995 or 1996. New apparatus has been added and old apparatus has been retired since that time. Also, it appears that appartus has been moved amongst the various stations.

Engine 1, Engine 3, and Engine 5 are Pierce Dash 1250 gpm pumpers. Engine 2 is a Grumann FireCat on a Ford Chassis. Engine 4 is a Boardman on a Ford chassis (C cab).

A squad is a paramedic ambulance. Squads 1, 2, and 3 are at Station 1. Squads 1 and 2 are manned, while Squad 3 is manned by medics from other stations as necessary. Squad 5 (at Station 5) is "third up" squad. None of the squads have numbers on them to facilitate rotation of vehicles.

Snorkel 1 was a 1967 Pitmann Snorkel on an International Harvester chassis. It only ran on high rise calls (ie hospital, hotels) and was manned by a member of Squad 2 when needed. Its dispostion is unknown. STAT 1 is a Humvee with a 250 gpm pump and 200 gallons of water.

NWA HM1 is the Northwest Arkansas Metro Fire Chiefs Association Hazardous Materials unit. It responds as necessary anywhere in Washington or Benton Counties and is manned by local firefighters.

Other apparatus images are at

SFD dispatches Lowell FD (Station 41), Tontitown FD (Station 51) and Johnson FD (Station 61). They also occasionally refer to the Nob Hill FD (DB: Washington Co Firecom) as Station 71 and Pleasure Heights (DB: benton Co Firenet) as Station 81.

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Benton County

Benton County Firenet

Radio test 1800. Firenet East is at Benton County CenCom. Firenet West is at the Siloam Springs PD.

Northwest Northeast
Gravette Tower Garfield Tower
Dispatch - 46.4000R/45.7200 Dispatch - 46.1000R/45.4400
Fireground - 46.4400 Fireground - 46.2800
  • 2300 - Gravette
  • xx00 - Hiwasse
  • xx00 - Maysville
  • 2600 - Sulphur Springs
  • 700 - Avoca
  • 4500 - Beaver Lake
  • xx00 - Little FLock
  • 800
  • 400 - Pea Ridge
  • xx00 - Piney Point
  • 900 - Rocky Branch
Southwest Southeast
Decatur Tower Lowell? Tower
Dispatch - 46.4800R/45.8400 Dispatch - 46.2000R/45.2800
Fireground - 46.2200 Fireground - 46.3400
  • 2400 - Decatur
  • xx00 - Gallatin
  • 2200 - Gentry
  • xx00 - Highfill
  • 500 - Cave Springs
  • 600 - Centerton
  • xx00 - Hickory Creek
  • xx00 - Highway 94 East
  • xx00 - Pleasure Heights


Fire Unit Numbers


Unit types:

Rogers Fire Department1


Bentonville Fire Department1

Bella Vista Fire Department1

Siloam Springs Fire Department1

1 - Department provides Ambulance Service


Washington County

Central Emergency Medical Services

The 1996 Police Call notes that CEMS is licensed for all 10 MED channels. They also now have a license for 155.2350 ...

Benton County

Benton County Volunteer Ambulance Service

Law Enforcement

Washington County

Washington County Sheriff's Office

In the past, 456.1750 and 464.2000 have also been used as relays.

Small Town Police Departments

Fayetteville Police Department

All mobile units are 45 MHz lower. "B Boy" and "C Charles" are backup channels. "D David" is for detectives. All these are carried on the same five frequencies.

Springdale Police Department

University of Arkansas Police Department

UAPD protects members of the campus community and the property therein. They are the primary PSAP for the campus and a secondary PSAP for the city and county.

Benton County

Benton County Sheriff's Office

The Benton County Sheriff's Office runs CenCom. CenCom is the PSAP for most of the county. It dispatches the Sheriff's deputies and most of the smaller PDs. It also dispatches Firenet East units as well as VAS, the Benton County Volunteer Ambulance Service. Bella Vista Village Division deputies are self dispatched as are Bentonville, Rogers, and Siloam Springs PDs.

Bella Vista Village Division

Possible new frequencies 460.1250, 460.1500 (CenCom); 460.4000 (BVV).

Bentonville Police Department

Rogers Police Department

Siloam Springs Police Department

Siloam Springs PD is the PSAP for most of the western part of the county and dispatches SSFD and Firenet West in addition to the SSPD.

Arkansas State Police

Top 20 NWA frequencies

Washington Co Sheriff 37.0800
Washington Co Sheriff Small Town Dispatch 452.8750
Benton Co Sheriff - East 460.2750
Benton Co Sheriff - Center 460.4500
Benton Co Sheriff - West 460.3250
Benton Co Sheriff's Deputies 452.9500
Fayetteville PD (and city services) 860.2375
Fayetteville PD (and city services) 859.2375
Fayetteville PD (and city services) 858.2375
Fayetteville PD (and city services) 857.2375
Fayetteville PD (and city services) 856.2375
Springdale PD 453.4000
Rogers PD 155.5200
Bentonville PD 460.0250
Siloam Springs PD 460.2250
Washington Co Firecom 154.3550
Benton Co Firenet 46.1000
Fayetteville FD 154.4300
Springdale FD (also Lowell, Tontitown, Johnson) 453.8500
Central EMS 155.2350
More NW Arkansas frequencies
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