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NOTICE: It is not illegal to listen to your public servants at work. It is illegal to repeat or profit from what you hear. Listen to your public servants from the comfort and safety of your own home! Do not go chasing after them -- the last thing they need is a scanner-toting yahoo interfering with their duties. These frequencies are derived from publicly available sources or discovered through searching. They are not secret.
NOTICE: NONE OF THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES. It all comes from what I have gleaned from monitoring these agencies and from observations I have made in my neighborhood.
All Public Safety agencies on this page are part of the 9-1-1 system.
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All Norman city services, as well as the University of Oklahoma and the Cleveland Co Sheriff's Office, are on OKWIN, the Oklahoma Wireless Information Network, a statewide Motorola 800-MHz trunked system. In addition to the Norman two-tower simulcast site (converted from the original system), there are also sites in Moore/OKC (another multi-tower simulcast, Site 8), Lexington, and Tecumseh that may carry Norman traffic. The Norman system (now Site 40) was merged into OKWIN in 2007. Norman units can now "roam" statewide (maybe) and stay in touch with their dispatcher. Rumor has it (c.2017) that the city is going to purchase a new P25 system with money from the Temporary Public Safety Sales Tax that was made permanent.


Department is dispatched by PD. Stations are toned out with 1970s-era Quik-Call-style tones. One pair of tones is usually a non-structure fire, two pairs is usually a medical call (one FD tone, one for EMSSTAT), three pairs is usually a reported structure fire. Per city statistics, 97% of NFD's runs are for EMS.

Uniden-format talkgroup Use
48912 Dispatch ("DC")
48880 Fire 1
48944 Fire 2
48976 Fire 3 - Rarely used
49008 Fire 4 - Rarely used
49040 Fire 5 - Rarely used
49072 Fire 6 - Rarely used
49104 Fire 7 - Rarely used
48272 Little Axe VFD
48304 Cleveland Co VFD Repeater (gateway to VHF)
Station Address Apparatus
HQ 415 E Main St
(at Ponca Ave)
1 411 E Main St
(at Ponca Ave)
Engine 1 (Quint)/Brush 1, Tanker 1, Air Cascade Unit (trailer and pickup to pull it)
2 2211 W Boyd St
(at Bud Wilkins Dr)
Engine 2/Brush 2
3 500 E Constitution St
(at Monitor Ave)
Engine 3/Brush 3, City Mobile Command Post
4 4145 W Robinson St
(at Brookdale Dr)
Engine 4/Brush 4
5 1050 168th Ave NE
(South of SH 9)
Engine 5/Brush 5
6 7405 E Alameda Dr
(near 72nd Ave NE)
Engine 6/Brush 6
7 2207 Goddard Ave
(North Base)
Squad 7/Brush 7
8 3901 36th Ave NW
(near W Teccumseh Rd)
Engine 8 (Quint)/Brush 8, Tanker 8, Moore-Norman Regional Hazmat Unit
9 3001 Alameda St Engine 9/Brush 9, Ladder 9 (Quint), Tanker 9
NFD Notes

Older apparatus is numbered differently than the company's radio callsign. For example, Engine 1 used to say "E 23", Engine 2 says "E 22", Truck 2 said "T 31", etc. Newer apparatus, in red paint, thanks, is numbered to match the station.

Engines and Brush units ID separately, but essentially form a two-piece engine company. In the rural areas (Engines 5 and 6), this means that the Brush unit will often arrive, with only it's driver and the company officer, a few minutes ahead of the pump.

NFD began running first response service on EMS calls on 1995-09-01 when Norman Regional Hospital purchased the ambulance service from the NPD. EMSSTAT began providing EMS to Moore on 2015-10-01.



Uniden-format talkgroup Use
30384 EMSSTAT 1 - Moore EMS Dispatch (dispatched by LifeNet)
55120 EMSSTAT 2 - Admin - Rarely used
Units Station Address
1x "East Side" 1101 N Ponca Ave
2x "West Side" 2400 W Robinson St (near NW 24th Ave)
3x "South Side" 12th Ave SE (south of SH 9)
4x Moore
7x Interfacility Unit  
91 - 94 Crew Chiefs  
100 Service Chief  

Law Enforcement

Norman Police Department

Uniden-format talkgroup Use
51984 Dispatch ("DC")
48656 Tac 1
48688 Tac 2
48720 Tac 3
48752 Tac 4
52048 Tac 5
48624 Records and Inquiries

Units ID as "1 John 1" or "1 Adam 1". Numbers are as follows:

So "1 Adam 2" would be the second day shift car assigned to the "Adam" beat. Note that the first digit is often truncated at times when there is no overlap of shifts.

University of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

Uniden-format talkgroup Use
49168 Dispatch
49136 Tac 1
49200 Tac 2
49232 Tac 3
52496 Parking

Old Channels - use unverified:

OUPD provides police services on the University of Oklahoma campus.

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office

Uniden-format talkgroup Use
26896 A - Dispatch
26928 B
26960 C - Prisoner Transfers
26992 D - Tac

Local Mutual Aid

Norman PD, FD, EMSSTAT, OUPD, Cleveland Co, and others can access these channels for joint operations. Except for LMA 7A, most are quiet. On football gamedays, however, ALL will be busy.
57424 LMA 7A
57456 LMA 7B
57488 LMA 7C
57520 LMA 7D
57552 LMA 7E
57584 LMA 7F
25200 LMA 7G
25232 LMA 7H
25264 LMA 7I

Amateur Radio

Frequency Location Use Callsign / Sponsor
146.8800 Norman Calling N5MS / N5MS+OUARC
147.0600 Norman Ragchew, Cleveland Co SKYWARN W5NOR / SCARS
443.7000 Norman   W5NOR / SCARS
145.4100 OKC National Weather Service Norman office uses this and other repeaters to collect severe weather reports from it's entire county warning area through linked repeaters WX5OKC / OCDEM



Max Westheimer Airport (OUN)

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