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Central Oklahoma

NOTICE: It is not illegal to listen to your public servants at work. It is illegal to repeat or profit from what you hear. Listen to your public servants from the comfort and safety of your own home! Do not go chasing after them -- the last thing they need is a scanner-toting yahoo interfering with their duties. These frequencies are derived from publicly available sources or discovered through searching. They are not secret.
NOTICE: NONE OF THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES. It all comes from what I have gleaned from monitoring these agencies and from observations I have made in my neighborhood.
Monday, 11-Oct-2010 08:15:34 MST
County or EMS provider Jurisdiction Department Frequency Channel Usage
EMSA Arcadia, Edmond, Lake Aluma, Mustang, Nichols Hills, OKC, Piedmont, The Village, Valley Brook, Warr Acres, Yukon   12912, 30256    
Norman Regional Hospital EMSSTAT Norman   48880, 30384    
Midwest Regional EMS Choctaw, Del City, Forest Park, Harrah, Hickory Hills, Jones, Luther, Midwest City, Moore, Newalla, Nicoma Park, SW Lincoln Co, Spencer   30352, 28976    
REACT EMS Prague, Shawnee, Wanettee, Wellston, part of Pottawattamie Co   30320, 56912    
Canadian County Sheriff's Office 155.8050   Dispatch
Mustang Fire 851.6875R   Operations (apparatus/dispatcher)
851.7875R   Operations (dispatcher)
154.2800   Alarms; dispatcher only; R/T 1800
Police 156.0450   Dispatch
Yukon Fire 154.3250    
Police 155.5650    
Cleveland County Sheriff's Office 26896 A Dispatch
154.2650 Low Band  
Lexington Police 155.5200   Shared with Lexington, Noble, etc
Little Axe VFD Fire 48272   DB Norman PD
Moore Fire 51696   Alarms, operations
Police 51440   Dispatch
Noble Fire 27568   Dispatch
Police 27600   Dispatch
Norman Fire 48880 DC Alarms, EMSSTAT dispatch
Police 48624 DC Dispatch
University of Oklahoma Police 49136   Dispatch
Slaughterville VFD Fire 58032    
Volunteer Fire Department Repeater Fire 152.6600R   Simulcast on 48304
McClain County Sheriff's Office 155.5500    
Fire 159.1350 [D051]   Alarms for Byars, Cole, Dibble, Goldsby, Payne, Rosedale, Washington, Wayne FDs; R/T 1840
Newcastle Fire 152.0900 [156.7]    
Police 155.5500    
Purcell Fire 155.7600   Alarms; R/T 1220
Police 154.8450    
Oklahoma County Fire Dispatch 154.3700R   Alarms
Sheriff's Office 460.4000R Eastern Net Small towns, east county: Jones, Luther, Harrah, Choctaw
460.3500R F1  
460.3750R F2  
460.4750R F3  
Bethany Fire 453.7875    
Police 460.4500R    
Del City Fire 154.0100R   Alarms
Police 453.5500R   Dispatch
Edmond Fire 49904   Dispatch
Police 49648   Dispatch
Midwest City Fire 50672   Dispatch
Police 53744    
Oklahoma City
Moved to EDACS system with ProVoice - old info!
Apparatus Roster
155.0550   Alarms; R/T with apparatus at 0700, with stations at 1900
453.1500R F1 Repeater for SE OKC; can simulcast with F2/F3
453.3500R F2 Operations, simulcast of 155.0550
453.6000R F3 Operations, simulcast of 155.0550
453.3000R F4 Gateway to unknown VHF frequency
453.4500R F5  
453.7000R F6  
Police 159.0900R F1 Spring Lake Division
159.0300R F2 Santa Fe Division
158.7900R F4 Will Rogers Division
158.9700R F5 Hefner Division

Thanks to: J C Alexander, Doug 'Speg' Speheger, John T. Beresford

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