Man, is this stuff ever old. IIRC, I had to make this page for a class originally. Hal Berghel's "Web Programming" class given in the summer of 1995. He needed to learn about the web, so he taught the class and we filled him in on the details.

Life, and the net, was so much simpler then ...

Note that on the page that these "tech notesd correspond to, I finally took off the old images. The SPAM war was lost, there is no freedom in America anymore let alone on the net, and the NSA reads everything I mail anyway so what was the point?

The image of me that you might find was taken in 1994 or 1995 in uark's Multimedia Resource Center. We used a video camera and some kind of image capture card in a Sun SPARC IPC. Really.

Below is from 1995. - plaws, July 2001

Text edited in vi and pico (with the -w switch to turn off word-wrap). Graphics are either "borrowed" (usually with source indicated) or were created locally. The "Peter's Home Page" graphic was created by Jeff McFarland in IslandPaint to demonstrate it's wonderful capabilities. They aren't.

The now-gone click map was more fun. It was originally created using Microsoft's Paintbrush (the applet that comes with MSWindows). It was converted from .PCX to .ppm using pcxtoppm and then to .gif using ppmtogif, both utilities on The .map file was calculated by hand. The image of me was captured on a RasterOps board in a Sun workstation and saved as a .gif. Some images were made interlaced or had a color changed to transparent using giftopnm and ppmtogif.

The Space Shuttle audio file was recorded by me on a Panasonic micro-cassette recorder (built in mike - no line!) on April 1, 1992 at W5YM (top of SCEN). It was digitized using a friend's Jazz sound card (Sound Blaster-compatible, I believe). The file was originally saved in 8- and 16-bit .WAV format and then converted to 8-bit Sun .au format using the sox utility (newer Suns can do 16-bit audio and if I get a newer Sun, I'll be sure to convert ...).

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